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This is a great short historical summary. One is amazed at how small the 21 Corps Artillery was and how ill equipped: one lone regiment of only 3 battalions (12 firing batteries) and only 2 (?) with modern weapons. Schneider must have had enormous difficulties producing enough Canon de 105L Modèle 1913 to supply the French Army as it was clearly superior to the older systems. I do wonder why its maximum elevation was limited to +37 degrees if it was intended as a counter battery weapon. Since its maximum range of 12,700 meters could have been extended a good distance of its maximum elevation was +45 degrees instead. Still, it was far better than the +18 degrees of the “Fabulous French 75”, the +16 degrees of the QF 18pdr Gun or the +15 degrees of the 77mm Field Gun M96nA (there is a real price for optimizing your Direct Support artillery for speed and direct fire).

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