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Nonetheless, you decided that providing batteries at the front with all of the ammunition they needed was more important than preventing the losses, in both men and matériel, that resulted from these accidents.

I most assuredly do not do this....

I wait for the report, as any rational person should, and since the problem might be the Two-piece shells, I will pull those shells from service.

This is what I said I would do.....

The French government can Je peux m'embrasser le cul comme des escargots.

The men's safety is more important than some politician's ass.

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How many men are dying per day in the trenches at the front? How many more will die per day if the 90mm cease operation? Why are the infantrymen's lives less important than the gunners' lives?

'Safety' is not an absolute. In war, it's almost meaningless. What is the least bad answer?

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I would hazard the bibloc shells are press fit and out of spec. If it could be done out of wood, then something like a Chamber Gage used in hand loading.

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1. As the bibloc shells are most likely the problem, shift production to monobloc construction as fast as possible at all sites.

2. Since the production of bibloc shells is still required, increase quantity control and quality assurance efforts at the factories producing them.

3. Continue ordnance inspections of already produced lots of bibloc shells and suspend use of lots found defective.

4. Increase production of 90mm rounds per General Joffre’s requirement as a secondary effort.

5. Find additional sources of HE filler materials, domestic and international. Work with the UK, the US, Chile and whomever else might be suitable suppliers.

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Stop providing the shells to those at the front. Operations can't be making good headway if munitions are exploding, losses are piling up all before the ammo leaves the gun. Set those "new factory" shells aside.

Since so many guns were lost, likely gonna have to start replenishing those eventually as well, so save those bibloc shells for the new guns - perhaps hasty production for both the " inner and outer" parts will have some effect on premature explosions. Meanwhile, increase production at the monobloc facilities and reach out to other facilities that can use the same production methods

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