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1. Continue preparations for DAK’s primary mission of attacking and capturing Tobruk. While defeating the British attack is properly the mission of Panzer Gruppe Afrika, DAK continues reconnaissance patrols to prevent British forces surprising and attacking DAK units from either the south or the west. Add air reconnaissance sorties to this effort as soon as feasible.

2. Closely monitor the progress of 21st Panzer Division’s attack and any additional sightings of British forces by 3rd or 33rd Reconnaissance Battalions or anyone else. Ensure the DAK liaison team at Panzer Gruppe Afrika keeps you and your staff updated as well.

3. Ensure DAK liaison teams with Italian XXI Corps keep the Corps Commander and his staff updated on the current situation and keep you and your staff informed on what Italian XXI Corps is doing, as well as any sightings of, or engagements with, British forces. If no liaison teams were previously sent, exchange liaison teams with Italian XXI Corps now.

4. Give 15th Panzer Division a be prepared to mission to attack to destroy British forces to the south or southeast of DAK and Italian XXI Corps in the event 21st Panzer Division’s attack is unsuccessful or British forces out flank them and Italian XXI Corps.

Anticipate using a regimental sized task force (panzers, panzer grenadiers, artillery, pioneers, anti tank and anti aircraft) given the number of British forces reported.

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